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5 things Diabetics say

One thing I’ve realized over the years is that between diabetics (And those close to them) We have developed a certain ”slang” that people non-diabetics might understand differently and there are words that confuse people. Here’s a small list for your entertainment!

  • “I think I’m high.” (No, not on drugs, but in blood glucose!)
  • “My BS is normal!” (BS: Blood sugar, not BullSh*t!)
  • “I’m low… Need a Glucose Tablet, stat!” (No, that’s not a new name for the latest iPad, it’s fast acting sugar!)
  • “I’m… Juice… Need…. hot… Sweat… Fast…” (At this point, my husband would run to the fridge to grab a juice box. Yup! That’s what a diabetic low on sugar (Having hypoglycemia) sounds like!)
  • “I’m out of strips!” (Test strips that is.)

What other things have you heard from diabetics that was first confusing? Or are you a diabetic and want to add things to this list?

Please do share!


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