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I’m glad Dr Aaron Neinstein liked my review enough to post a link to it! Thank you!

Aaron Neinstein MD -- Redesigning Healthcare

I expect that this meter will be very popular, as it will allow people with diabetes to automatically record their glucose values on their iPhones, eliminating the arduous task of manual entry.  I would love to hear from patients who are planning on using one or have already tried one about their experiences with them.

They will be sold not only at Walgreens but also the Apple store, which is proof about the growing and profound connection between consumer technology and healthcare.  People want their healthcare devices to be designed just as elegantly as they want their smartphone or laptop or speakers designed.  I’m hopeful that the days of unusable, obtuse healthcare devices will soon be behind us.

See here for story from mobihealthnews and here is a review of the meter from a person with diabetes who writes a blog named “DiabeticallyYours.”

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Versatile Blogger Award!

Emily from My Journey Through Thick and Thin nominated me for a versatile blogger award! Thank you! I’m glad to know that someone likes my blog enough to nominate it for something!

You can check out the Versatile blogger award info here and their rules over here.

So according to the rules, I now have to tell you 7 things about myself:

  1. I dislike feet. Aside from my own and my son’s, I cannot stand touching anyone else’s feet. And that includes my husband’s!
  2. I struggle with finishing what I’ve started. Drawings, writings, you name it.
  3. Along with number 2, I’m a big procrastinator and I have to work on this.
  4. I used to be a vegetarian! Then I got  pregnant and craved bacon so badly… Vegetarian no more.
  5. My first language is French, I learned English mostly by myself!
  6. I LOVE videos games. I have stopped playing because of my son.
  7. My husband is 8 years younger than me. We got married when he was 18!

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Happy readings!

Deliciousness! Refreshing and very low on carbs!

My Journey Through Thick and Thin

It’s a cold and rainy spring day, but this recipe made me think of a hot summer day…  Here’s to a little imagination 🙂

Marinated chunks of grilled chicken breast served over a bed of lettuce with feta, fresh diced tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, black olives, red onions, parsley and dill tossed in olive oil and fresh lemon juice.

A wonderful high protein, low fat, low carb, low point, gluten-free main dish salad!

Mediterranean Chicken Kebab Salad (Thanks to Gina at

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Please help out fellow blogger! Reblogging it is essential! Thanks guys!


Hey friends, followers, and family!

I am walking with my dad and Nick on Saturday April 14th in the JDRF diabetes walk in Cocoa Beach Florida. I am helping to raise money to fund their diabetes research. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is the largest international organization that funds research exclusively for Type 1 diabetes. 100% of the money I raise will go to the JDRF. If you would like to donate, please visit my personal page and click on the “donate now” link. I have a very small goal of $200, but have only raised $25 so far. Please help out the JDRF!

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Anyone who is a diabetic would understand what Scott E is feeling and explaining!

Pump users: Don’t forget to change your time!

Woke up this morning remembering to change the time on my oven and everything that isn’t done automatically and almost forgot about my pump!

So this is just a friendly reminder to my followers and newcomers with insulin pumps (And/Or watches, Ovens, Microwaves, clocks!!) Time to change the time one hour ahead!

Write to you soon!


Busy busy Bolus busy


For the past few days I’ve been soooo busy… From picking my husband up at the airport to visiting family two hours away, it seems like I’ve just finally sat down and took a breath! All this moving around and sleeping elsewhere makes me forgetful sometimes. I forget my son’s milk, his utensils (He’s only 14 months old so he has his own plastic cutlery!) his blanket… But all these things I can buy at the local store.

What I can’t get in a jiffy is my insulin pump supplies. Thankfully I had some reservoirs in the bottom of my backpack from the last time we visited! I usually order my insulin supplies from medtronic’s online store so it usually takes about 3 days for me to get it.

I tend to forget things like toothpaste, my perfume, an extra pair of socks… But I make sure my diabetic supplies follow me around! 

What about you? Do you keep extra supplies at friend’s and family? Have you ever forgotten your supplies and couldn’t have any for a few days? Share! I’d love to hear from you!

“Forgot your supplies mommy? I’m NOT impressed!”


Aww I’m glad we found each other as well! I can’t wait to go back home to read your recent posts and comment without using my iPhone LOL soon enough!! Thanks for sticking around!

Weird how you can’t comment using the app… Have to repost! Odd! They need to fix this, or maybe I’m just confused… Maybe I’m low? Hah!

Diabetically Yours, Valerie Anne.

There are days where I am extremely anxious about everything. And then, there are days where I am extremely anxious about everything and have high blood sugar because of it. So in turn I feel dizzy, I need to count how much insulin I should give myself to correct my blood glucose, I need to tend to my son because a one year old doesn’t care if you’re high (in blood sugar!) or not… Well… Welcome to a diabetic’s life!

I thought I’d create a blog about life as a diabetic to be able to share with everyone what it’s like to be diabetic, share with other diabetics and hopefully raise awareness. I’m a type 1 diabetic, there was nothing I could do to prevent that… But I know several people who are type 2 and you can prevent it, beat it, and live with it peacefully.

The point of this blog is to do this and much more! Share life events as a diabetic, meet others just like me, make you laugh and cry as well by sharing my experiences before and after diabetes.

So let’s get this started! Grab a coffee (No sugars, sucralose added!), sit back, read and relax… Ask questions, comment below, e-mail me, participate!

Well, to begin, my name is Valerie Anne, mother of a beautiful son who is a year old, Aaden, wife to a wonderful man, Aaron, and I just turned 30 recently. Yikes! No, I’m not old, I know. But some days I wake up and think “didn’t I JUST graduate from high school? How was that 13 years ago again?”. It’s just a number, I know, yet numbers are a part of my daily life.

My life turned upside down quite a few times in my life (I’ll explain that in other posts! From the death of my sister to taking care of my dying mother) but one turn of events would change my life forever as I knew it and would affect every single aspect of it.

On March 3rd 2006 (March 3rd is a sad date, you’ll read later) I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  This is when your pancreas does not produce insulin anymore because of x and y reasons.  You have to manually inject insulin every time you eat and another shot of slow acting insulin to last throughout the day (Or, like me, have an insulin pump, small little thing that looks like a pager that gives you insulin every 3 minutes through an injection site.) And it just completely turned my life upside down.

I will be talking about my diagnosis day, and the signs that led me to the E.R.

But before I do, I’d love to hear about yours! Even though we all have the same disease, all of our diagnosis are different. Are you diabetic? Do you know someone who is? Let me know, share and ask questions!

Talk to you soon!

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