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A Diabetic’s passion.

Yes, I am diabetic. No, my passion is not testing my blood sugars, changing my injection sites or even spending countless time at hospitals or drug stores. Believe it or not, us diabetics have other things in mind other than diabetic stuff! True story!

And so today, I will show you one of my passion in life. (Aside from my family, my husband and my super awesome son!) And with my son, my passion took a spot in the closet for many months (14 to be exact) as it is very time consuming. I’ve even let most of my followers down by not posting anything new either. No, it’s not a blog.

It’s art. Drawing to be exact.

Sketch of a character I used to Role Play as in forums. Most likely will become the main character of a story I have in mind.

I miss drawing. Badly. It’s that one thing I could spend hours on and not be tired after 8 hours straight. Of course, it’s not very healthy to spend 8 hours sketching, drawing, colouring… But it’s what I loved and it’s what I miss most of my life before I was a mommy. Now, I have time to blog and that’s about it! Aaden is still very young and needs most of my attention. I love spending time with my son, don’t get me wrong! But drawing was a part of my life for a very long time and all of a sudden, I have no time for it anymore. Or maybe I just don’t make the time in my busy schedule. Instead of taking several hours, I could spend a few minutes at a time and have a drawing finished in about 2 weeks.

Better than none, right?

Xishuai, my alter-ego.

Most of my drawings can be found here.

I’d like to keep it up. Maybe just focus on comics. I had an idea of making a comic strip blog, mostly about diabetes. Hmm. Maybe in my future plans! First, I have to figure out how to make time for it!

What’s YOUR passion?


Insulin pump meme.

Made this today; thought I’d share for lack of post!

14 months old accountant!

Ok ok… He might be half asian but he inherited MY genes when it comes to counting!
(Mmmm cookies…)


5 things Diabetics say

One thing I’ve realized over the years is that between diabetics (And those close to them) We have developed a certain ”slang” that people non-diabetics might understand differently and there are words that confuse people. Here’s a small list for your entertainment!

  • “I think I’m high.” (No, not on drugs, but in blood glucose!)
  • “My BS is normal!” (BS: Blood sugar, not BullSh*t!)
  • “I’m low… Need a Glucose Tablet, stat!” (No, that’s not a new name for the latest iPad, it’s fast acting sugar!)
  • “I’m… Juice… Need…. hot… Sweat… Fast…” (At this point, my husband would run to the fridge to grab a juice box. Yup! That’s what a diabetic low on sugar (Having hypoglycemia) sounds like!)
  • “I’m out of strips!” (Test strips that is.)

What other things have you heard from diabetics that was first confusing? Or are you a diabetic and want to add things to this list?

Please do share!

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