Living life as a Type 1 Diabetic.

Time for a little binge-vlog.

I’m really craving Cheerios right now, I wonder why…


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2 thoughts on “Time for a little binge-vlog.

  1. Oh my gee, I’m going to be your biggest fan!
    I feel weird because I munch on celery and carrots all day at work because they are crunchy and keep me busy while I work. I can eat endless amounts and it’ll never effect my BG. It DOES effect my guts though because trying to digest all those raw vegetables isn’t easy.
    I don’t have any tips because I’m not much of a binge eater. Either choose something healthy (but copper water is obviously out of the question) or choose to exercise your will power.
    I drink a lot of teas when I’m watching movies because, again, it keeps my mouth amused.
    Oh and the 3 “toasts” made me laugh OUT loud. You’re awesome.

    • LOL! Aww, thanks! 😀 You know, Tea is actually not a bad idea! And you’re right about the raw veggies part; my stomach feels bloated after and has a hard time digesting, too. I just like CRUNCHY things.
      I used to like Sea weed (oddly enough) maybe I should buy some more… Hmmm…

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