Living life as a Type 1 Diabetic.

#DBlogWeek – Find a friend

“Think about the d-blogs you read that you think we may not know about and introduce us to one that you love!!”

When I started this blog, I didn’t think I would make new friends. No, not a face to face, let’s go for coffee friend, but more of an Online relationship, just like the one I had at first with my husband. (Of course, much less romantic!) The definition of “friend” is the same as before, but the bonds we now share can be created within a second, from miles away and across the globe. And though I was writing just to “vent” and “inform” about Type 1 diabetes, I couldn’t help but notice that more people started reading my post, but most of all, commenting! I felt new bonds forming, and sometimes talking about other things than Diabetes right on my blog. And once, I received an e-mail by someone who was concerned about me. And even though we did not “know” each other, this blogger had taken the time to send a private e-mail to me.

Scott E, from Rolling in the D, was a new follower of mine (Well, as new as it can get! My blog itself was rather new, too…) and I had followed his blog just recently. One night, something stressful happened; I was out of insulin and only 5 hours or so remained in my pump. Meaning that I would be several hours without insulin . Read about it here, and the follow through here. It was back in March, so no need to scroll your life endlessly, just click the links! (As you can guess, I’m still alive, so everything went fine after all!)

I often think about Scott E’s e-mail. It’s a reminder that even though you might not “know” someone, you can still care about them. But the fact that we share a common bond, Type 1 diabetes, makes it even more personal.

I received his e-mail the next morning because when he had sent it, I was in bed, reading The Hunger Games. Would I have known, it would have been super helpful, too. He suggested ways to help me maintain a few more drops of insulin to last me until I get to the pharmacy, he expressed his deep concern towards another Type 1 and even though I was fine, (Woke up with a really good BG) I kept thinking; what if? What if I wasn’t fine, and something really bad would have happened? What if I didn’t post after this; would everyone think I was dead? Would it have reached my D-bloggers community? Would Scott E feel helpless and wished he had sent this e-mail sooner?

Okay, whoa! This is getting super depressive! And it’s not my intention. My intention is for me to show you that friendship you make online, especially here in the D community, is strong. And Scott’s blog is a very good read with every posts he does. Even his Wordless Wednesdays! And I highly recommend you follow him, go read his blog. It’s always interesting and very well written! He is not fake and truly cares about the people in the D community.

Scott E, Thanks for being a friend!


Turns out that Scott E is also doing the #DBlogWeek and posted about me and the exact same thing that happened! What are the odds! Well, it just confirms that his friendship is true, and another reason why you should believe me when I say that he’s a good person and an awesome DBlogger! So follow him! You’ll see I’m no liar 😀


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One thought on “#DBlogWeek – Find a friend

  1. Today isn’t really about finding a blog, it’s about finding a friend. Thank you, too, for being a friend.

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