Living life as a Type 1 Diabetic.

Weight loss journey: Weight-in #4

One month in the making. Have I made it to my goal of losing 20 pounds? Sadly, no. I found that it was very difficult, especially with diabetes, to keep away from the “points”… The Calories. With a low comes orange juice and snacks. Glucose tablets don’t work fast enough for me and cost much more than a pack of 8 juices in the end. I’m glad to have found out through the last weeks that having my husband around didn’t impact my food choices! When we ate out, I always had something healthy when usually I would be inclined to go to McD’s or have an A&W mama burger. Topped with their onion rings of course. And even though it smells delicious, I want to taste freshness, not grease indulged food. That, and Aaden is a big motivation as I don’t want to share a burger with him, so I pick something healthier like a cajun chicken wrap with two choices of salads.

I trained this week more than I did last week. Bob Harper killed my arms this week. And my knees have become weaker but that’s another problem that goes along the lines of my carpal tunnel syndrome waking me in the middle of the night despite the wrist brace. And sharp pains in my joints that I associate with possible arthritis. At 30. Awesome. Who wants to meet a girl who didn’t care about her body enough that at 30 she’s got the body of a 70 year old’s? Don’t look too far, you’re reading her blog!

Whoa there nellie, let’s not get -too- negative! Focus on the positive, right? That’s what I tell myself when I step on the scale lately. Last week was zero loss. This week; one pound. 205. Still a loss, I know, but it gets discouraging to see the scale glare at me with it’s digital numbers of hell. Of course it’s 11 pounds gone, and this actually marks 5% body weight, also gone! Something I should be celebrating. Why am I not happy with the number? Why do I keep stressing myself out?

I had a conversation yesterday with my husband as we were eating at our favourite vegetarian restaurant, and one subject became another and lead to him telling me that I am stressed all the time. I don’t enjoy (Or well don’t look like I am enjoying) my days. If something’s not done, like the dishes or laundry, I go into interior rage mode and fume from the inside. And I have to work on that. I want everything done in one day, and sometimes, I don’t realize that it’s at my son’s and husband’s cost. I need to find a moment and relax. Accept the fact that I am not a “supermom” or “super wife” and that I should take things lightly. Well, most things. I need to find a book that will somewhat teach me how to do those things. I need to chill out on several things; cleaning, moving, packing, daily chores, missing my family, losing a long time friend, accept major change… And never -ever- let my husband and son down. Those are the most important people in my life, the ones that matter most.

At least I’m aware of what I need to change, right? Step 1, denial… Step 2…

What is step 2 anyways?

This moment yesterday was one of the few where I just stopped doing everything I was doing and smiled. Enjoyed the fact that my son is the most wonderful thing to happen to me. Ever.


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6 thoughts on “Weight loss journey: Weight-in #4

  1. You are making so much progress though! Usually after a month people experience burn-out. Its pretty normal. In facr you are supposed to change up your routine like once a month so you (and your muscles) don’t get bored. I know its stressful. I’ve been really on edge all the time lately (haven’t even blogged in like 2 weeks just because I sit in front of the computer and start to feel anxiety about school and not having a job after graduation). But you have a lot of wonderful things to look forward to! When you move, won’t you be seeing your husband all the time? I think I will be in MTL May 26th through the 28th. If you are around I would love to meet up! 🙂

    • I’m glad you’re doing well! I was wondering how you’ve been doing!
      My husband works in different provinces, probably will be going back to Manitoba at the end of this month, so when we move it won’t really matter! I’ll be closer to family and those I love though, so I can’t wait!
      My brother and sister’s b-day (Yeah they’re twins!) is on the 27th of May, but if they didn’t plan on going to my dad’s, which is 2 hours away, I’d love to meet up! And if you need a free place to stay, you’re welcome to my place! about 20 mins away from MTL so easy access!

  2. sweetopiagirl on said:

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  3. the speech monster on said:

    hey i agree you made huge progress re: weight loss. it must be so tough too with type 2 diabetes. my coworker’s 5 year old son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and while it’s different from type 2 i think i remember her having to constantly check on her son’s blood sugar levels before, during and after any physical activity. she also said it’s really tricky with exercise n this new diet they have to adhere to. :- / but from the sounds of it you’re hanging in there well. keep up the good work.

    ps: i LOVE A&W’s mama burger. actually, i love anything from A&W but because i’m still off gluten and beef b/c of my son’s eczema i can’t eat it for while. boo!

    • I also have type 1 and am on insulin pump therapy! I also have to check my blood sugar constantly… The first week through my weight loss, I had to check about 20 times a day because my blood sugar would go low quickly! And with lows come carb intake, so it’s a vicious circle!

      I wonder if weight-loss is as difficult for a type 2 since their diets are generally consisted of very low carbs to begin with!

      Your son gets eczema from gluten? That’s interesting to know because my son also has eczema on his leg. Hmm!

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