Living life as a Type 1 Diabetic.

The blood test chronicles.

It might sound weird, but every 3 to 6 months, I am excited about my blood tests. It might be just a diabetic thing, but I’m thrilled to go to my endocrinologist’s to have my test results read to me. Partly because I love to know what my body has been up too from change to change. Especially now with my weight loss and my beautiful BG readings, I am expecting a nice A1C. My last one, 6 months ago, was of 6.7 and I wasn’t very thrilled with it. My BG was high very often and I wasn’t being very careful about it, mostly because Aaden was still very young and testing my BG was optional to me. I had other priorities, being alone with my son.

And so next week, I have an appointment with my endo, so I need to go for blood tests. Only if my body would cooperate.

I have been so active, eating so well, my blood sugars have been great! Only thing is that I have hypos during the night now. So, two nights ago, I needed to drink and eat in the middle of the night, so I couldn’t go for the blood tests since I need to be fasting for 12 hours. Last night, everything went well, but as I got up this morning and tested my BG, I saw 3.2 mmol on the meter (57.6mg). No way am I going to drive and hurry up to the hospital for blood tests with this reading. So tonight, I think my best option is to set my basal down on my insulin pump. 75% maybe. I have to get those done to have my results next week!

To think that before being a diabetic, I was scared of blood tests, scared of needles… And now my daily life has them around and I don’t even notice it. Crazy how you get used to things. And how people around you get used to those, too.

In other news, my husband learned that his step-father was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes this week. It is becoming an epidemic. Almost everyone has someone in their family with type 2 diabetes. Sometimes though, I wish they were type 1 so I could relate with others like me, in person.


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4 thoughts on “The blood test chronicles.

  1. lovehatediabetes on said:

    I didn’t know you needed to be fasting in order to get blood tests done. When I was at my endo three weeks ago they asked if I had eaten anything and I had. I asked if that was bad and they said, “oh no, just so we know you’ve eaten”. Weird.

    And yes, it is a epidemic. It’s crazy how fast type 2 is growing. I think that’s partly why we’re often misjudged into that category.

    • I think it’s the cholesterol and triglycerids (sp?) test that needs the 12 hours fasting. I also need blood work for my thyroid level. Take meds for it. So maybe that’s why!

      You’re right about the reason we are labeled as type 2 is because there are so many of them out there!

  2. For awhile, I was looking forward to my next A1C. After this past week, I’m not. (Woke up this morning with a 291 after not using the CGM overnight).

    But it took me 30 years to have an endo tell me to get blood drawn a week BEFORE my visit, so he had the results – and could discuss them – when I got there. All the previous ones gave me the lab slip at the appointment, then I needed to call for the results after the fact. Looks like you (and now, me) have some of the few docs with common sense!

    • I really hate having high numbers in the morning as well! It makes me wonder how much time exactly I was high. And I’m glad you got a doc with common sense! This endo is my third one now, and I will have a fourth one soon with me moving away… I’m anxious to know if I will have a good one!

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