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Weight loss journey: weight-in #3

What a weekend! I hope everyone had a great easter! After I picked up my husband from the airport, we headed to our family’s the next morning for some quality time, but with lack of laptop comes no blog posts! I have a lot of catching up to do with reading and posting…

So let’s get down to business; the point of this post. My new weight-in! Third week into my weight loss journey and I’m feeling great! My blood sugar is “stable” (Occasional highs occurred, way less lows this week as well!), I’ve been in a good mood and I fit in one of my old pair of jeans! No, not the bigger ones, the smaller ones! Hah! I’ve lost a waist size! Quite ecstatic. And so, I weighted myself feeling pretty good about the number that would show on the scale. That, and my Weight Watchers goal of 5% weight loss will be reached at 201lb. Since I’ve been losing 5 pounds every weeks, I had a feeling I would have reached my goal!

And then I stepped on the scale. And I had no loss. And no gain. Still 206lbs. Disappointed? Yup. Definitely. But I was happy that I hadn’t gained any. I think that my body was telling me to put the breaks on, losing too much weight too fast maybe? One of the culprit of last week might have been the banana bread I’ve made and ate throughout the week with my son… Hmm. Most likely! But I also have to step it up a notch. And so, I’ve started to play The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout game, on the Kinect. It’s actually quite fun! But a muscle killer, honestly! I couldn’t feel my thighs (Or should I say I felt them way too much) the next day I started the work out. I guess there are some muscle sI need to move, aside from the ones I use to walk or run, in order to lose more weight!

So this week, I have yet another challenge; my husband’s here until next job is announced. That means I have to resist the temptations that are bound to occur. I can do it though. I think!

Chocolate? Easter is amazing!!


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6 thoughts on “Weight loss journey: weight-in #3

  1. lovehatediabetes on said:

    You’re doing so well on your journey! It’s incredible. I hope you see the zero loss and zero gain as positive, as I think you have. It’s great motivation 🙂 Happy Easter!

  2. karen on said:

    Val, congrats on your success, i too last week, stayed the same, it really motivated me this past week to stay on track. I can’t believe the time is flying by, forgot to weigh in this morning, didn’t realize it was Wednesday, so hopefully tomorrow, i will see a movement down.
    My sugars this week have been weird, nothing has changed in what i have been eating, my activity has been the same, but getting more higher readings than normal. Sometimes diabetes has a mind of its own, can’t explain why it does what it does.

    You must be sooo sooo happy hubby is home, I bet he see’s a real change in your son, I maybe wrong but Aiden right?.
    Enjoy your week, your son, your husband and of course yourself, should have put that first.

    Keep positive!


    • Oh sugar readings… When they are out of track, I blame hormones! I think only two weeks out of four in one month my blood sugar will be “normal”.

      And yes, you’re right! Aaden! But without the “i” just double A’s. He changes so quickly and learns new things so often, even if my husband was gone for a short period of time, he saw tremendous change! From speaking new words to understanding french AND english commands, he amazes even me!

      You keep positive as well! I hope your new weight-in brings a smile to your face and keep your chin up! We can do it!

  3. Hi, congratulations on your weight loss so far. And don’t be discouraged by a week in which nothing happens. In my experience, weight loss is never a steady loss but more of an up and down process.

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