Living life as a Type 1 Diabetic.

Weight loss: weight-in #2

What a week! Actually, it’s been pretty boring for the most part, non-dabetic wise; rain, cold, no walks outside unless it’s to go to the car and drive to the grocery store. I think it’s the only outings I’ve done with my son and it showed! He got back at me almost all week, Mr. Grumpy face. Well, the fact that four, yes FOUR teeth are coming out is making him extra grumpy, so it doesn’t help. But no park trip, no walks outside, just plain old inside watching Baby TV when we’re not playing games or I’m not doing house chores or playing Zumba.

Diabetic wise, my body decided to step up and kick my butt. I had to put my basal rate at 75% basically all week and I blame that one two things; weight loss and physical activities. I’m moving. A whole lot than I was before I started this weight loss journey. When I sit on the couch, I remind myself “Isn’t there anything else to do that would require me to actually move?” and then there’s something. There is -always- something to do. Dishes, vacuuming, cleaning, playing with my son, you name it. So I was low more often than I was high. Look see for yourself!

See all the red dots? Those are lows from this week. Eek!

So for all the calories I would spend, I would eat back a lot. Orange juice, followed by bananas or nuts.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

And this is how I felt for most of the week...

I wasn’t expecting much change in my weight. I mean, my pants have become slightly looser, but I blamed that on wearing them like three times in a row and them becoming stretched. Although when I looked in the mirror, my “muffin top” looks more like a “bread top”. Love handles that are asking for still too much love. So this morning, I hopped on the scale. And then I remembered; yesterday was a bad day before a weight-in! Went to my uncle’s, ate lasagna, a Tiramisu, drank a glass of wine and had a scoop of maple ice cream… Yup, I busted my Weight Watcher’s points and went into those cheat points. I should have weighted myself beforehand, but oh well. Let’s see…

So as I stepped on the scale, thinking about my week, the orange juice at 90 calories a glass, had about 15 to 20 of those for sure… My night before, where all the good foods crashed in my system… But took in account all the Zumba I’ve danced, the soccer I played with my son, the cleaning I’ve done… And I stared at the scale at what seemed like an eternity before it showed me the numbers.

206.4 Lbs.

Two hundred and six (point four). From last week, I have made it to my goal of losing 5 lbs once again! I’ve lost five pounds! So that means that I’ve lost 10 lbs since the beginning of my weight loss journey! Me! Someone who is blaming everything on the fact that being diabetic is contributing to my weight gain. That being diabetic makes it even harder to lose weight. (It -is- true though…) That for all these years, I’ve blamed it on being diabetic and my crazy insulin intake, the lows, having to drink juice all the time… And I’ve lost more weight in two weeks than I have in about 10 months.

I can do this. Today, I’ve realized that yes, I can do this!

And I’ve got to keep that line going downwards!


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6 thoughts on “Weight loss: weight-in #2

  1. lovehatediabetes on said:

    I’m glad you didn’t add an April Fools on the end of this! Your progress is amazing. I couldn’t be more happier for you 🙂
    Do you usually try to use glucose tablets first? …then they don’t seem to kick in fast enough, so you turn to juice? I totally understand. My endo has me using only tabs, and juice if I want. But I’m liking the fact that the tabs don’t have many calories, so I try and stick to them. They take so dang long though.

    • They DO take long! And I’m always scared to black out before they have any reaction on me, so I stuck to juice. And when I’m low, I found it easier to drink juice than to have to chew on dry, chalk like round candies. lol!

      • lovehatediabetes on said:

        Oh I hear ya! I just bought some raspberry flavored ones from Target and they tasted like warm plastic. Ya know when you leave a water bottle in a hot car, then the water smells and tastes like nasty plastic? That’s what they tasted like. I definitely returned them!

      • Yuk! Glad they took them back!

  2. karen on said:

    congrats Val, way to go. My sugars are doing what yours are doing, that pink colour on the IBGStar is my primary color. BUT the ww is going much slower, only 1 to 2 lbs per week. But at least it’s moving downwards.

    Keep up with the weight loss and careful with those lows. I hit 2.1 last night just before bed..scary feeling, my husband thank goodness recognizes the signs when I am that low,..I get so disoriented and he says when I talk I make no sense..

    Looking forward to hear about your next major scoup.


    • Congrats Karen! A loss is a loss, regardless of the number, so way to go!!!
      2.1, eesh! I hate feeling low, weak, and then when you try to make sense out of two words, it just doesn’t work haha!

      Keep your head up, you can do it!

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