Living life as a Type 1 Diabetic.

Bleeding Cannula!?

I realize that I have to change my injection site every 3 days. Having no more health insurance covering them, I make them last as long as I can, sometimes up to 8 days. But doing this also increases the chances that the insulin will become less effective as the injection site becomes “overly used”.

Two days ago, I removed my site (Well, it almost removed itself the adhesive band wasn’t doing it’s job anymore!) and found out the reason why I was high most of the time.

Well then! I didn’t even see the blood going through nor did I feel the insulin coming out. Some of it was actually coming out of the site, hence why I was so high all the time. It happened to me before, but so rarely that I didn’t even remember to check the site when my BG started going up. I blamed it on hormones, but usually, when it’s -that- time of the month, I drop down, I don’t go up.

Well! New site, new beginnings! Next time I’ll check as soon as I have an abnormal reading!

Do you change your site every three days or do you extend it’s living time on you?


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8 thoughts on “Bleeding Cannula!?

  1. Eight days? I couldn’t imagine keeping mine in so long. I usually go 3 1/2 days, 4 tops, before it starts getting irritable and my sugars start getting higher. I’ve forced myself not to fill the reservoir all the way, as that forces me to do site changes more often.

    Have you looked into the Sure-T? From what I’ve heard, the steel cannula doesn’t hurt, and you can remove it and re-insert it somewhere else if you need to. You might just need some extra tape, but I’ll bet you can make it last a really long time.. (Medically required disclaimer on using stuff longer and more often than indicated on the packaging: don’t do it)

  2. I’m guilty of changing reservoir without changing sites… A lot!

    I recently discovered Sure-T but I, despite being diabetic, am scared of that metal needle staying inside! If that makes any sense…

  3. cchoate on said:

    I actually have to change mine every other day. My scar tissue in my legs and arms is getting out of control and so my doctor recommended that I change it every other day to reduce the amount of scar tissue and irritation (I also have very sensitive skin). My doctor told my insurance company that it was necessary and viola! I can change it every two days. In the past, I could wait up to four days, but by then my site was practically falling off and it hurt to sleep on it.
    Hope your next site works out better for you! 🙂

  4. Hey Val, my iBGstar arrived today by trusty canada post…really fast as I opted out for the longer shipping, due to costs…can’t wait to play around with it.

    • Karen, I’m happy that you got yours quickly! My mail man sure is the laziest one haha! But I’m moving soon so hopefully I’ll have a nicer one 😉 Let me know how you’re enjoying it! So far I’m pleased, aside from the battery drainage and the fact that sometimes the iPhone won’t recognize it no more… Just close the app (By double tapping the home button and closing the app) and turn it on again and replug the iBGStar… Hope they fix it soon cuz it’s a little annoying!

  5. I was changing 4-5 days at a time, just because I hate changing it. I usually spend 20 minutes poking myself trying to determine whether the area is “okay” or not…not that it matters as I inevitably use it anyway. But I was recently told by a nurse that even leaving it in for that long could have been the reason that I developed scar tissue. And I would get infections as well. So now I change every three days…

    If you don’t mind my asking…I thought you get all that stuff for free in Canada!?

    • No, unlike often thought, very little is “free” in Canada. We still have to pay a part of meds such as insulin and things like test strips and lancets. Pump supplies are considered a luxury, so the government covers 0$. What’s free is public hospital stays, some meds if under 18 or not a student (such as prescribed contraceptives) x-rays and all that jazz.

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