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iBGStar Review

I’ve finally received my iBGStar from Sanofi Aventis! I say finally because Canada post -again- did not deliver to my door and instead sent it to the post office. I blame this on a lazy postman.

I was very excited to get it, so much that I’ve basically let aside my chores for the day. No store visit for this lady today! (Bananas will have to wait, Aaden… Sorry!)

I’ve made a review video about it which I will integrate into this post at the bottom of it. So if you don’t feel like reading, go watch the video!

First, while the animations are purely decorative and entertaining, I love seeing my iPhone telling me to put blood on the test strip and make a futuristic animation of my blood going into the device and being tested. Super cool! (I bet this will even make my non-diabetic friends jealous and they most likely will want to try it out too just for the heck of it!) It’s easy to set up; even though I read the instructions to make sure I didn’t do anything wrong, it would have been easy to just connect the iBGStar, as it was already charged, and start testing right away. I was high, I knew this, but I didn’t care about spoiling my device with my super sugary blood, so I tested right away, along with my old OneTouch meter, to see if the readings matched. And they did, so everything was set to go!

Here are some positive points about the iBGStar:

  • Small; about 1/6th of the size of your iPhone or iPod;
  • Free app; just download it straight to your iPhone or iPod;
  • Track your BG on charts; up to 90 days of tracking on one single chart, easy for your endo to read;
  • Statistics e-mail friendly; Your endo needs some results on charts? One single press of a button and it’s right on his desk(top);
  • Built-in user guide; no more downloads from websites after losing your user guide;
  • Syncs readings to your iPhone when connected if you have made a reading while disconnected;
  • Goes where your iPhone or iPod goes;
  • Charges alone or with your iPod and iPhone. Just connect to the wall or into your iPhone or iPod and your iBGStar charges!

And for some negatives:

  • iPhone and iPod battery vampirism; the iBGStar loves your device’s energy! Sucks it right out to charge itself, unless your device is on hibernating mode;
  • No customizable backgrounds; you have the choice of 6 pre made backgrounds to chose from.

So far, so good! I can’t see anything else that is a negative. So that was a small review, yes, but I’m sure I will have much more to say about the iBGStar in the next coming weeks as I get accustomed to my new toy.



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13 thoughts on “iBGStar Review

  1. lovehatediabetes on said:

    You are so cute! I love your accent! I played hockey with a girl from Canada, I can totally hear it. This technology is so crazy – in a good way! Congrats, hope you keep loving it.

  2. Karen on said:

    Wow, love it, and love your video! now I really want it, just think don’t have to keep my meter in my purse, always checking before heading out, talk about saving loads of time.

    thank you for posting it, let’s see if my trusting mailman can deliver ontime and to the right place.

    Happy monitoring.


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  4. How much were your test strips???

    • They ended up costing me 13$ but I was nearing my monthly max to pay, so I’m pretty sure they are going to cost me about 30$ next time for a box of 100. Are strips expensive where you live?

      • Yes! My insurance capped on pharmaceuticals for the year. I pay out of pocket for test strips and insulin. I buy the cheapest worst test strip brand (TureTrack). It takes 10 second to record my BG and needs a HUGE sample. I just didn’t know I was going to get diabetes so I bought the cheapest plan my school offered and so I had minimal coverage when I was diagnosed.

      • Argh D: Can you change plans?

      • I have to wait until 3 months before my insurance will expire. In June I can start shopping around. I hope I will have a job to cover me by then as well…:/

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