Living life as a Type 1 Diabetic.

Oh hi Active life!

And it’s packing day! And probably will be packing week as we’re moving in about 2 months! Packing, if done at my pace, is a pretty nice workout I’ve found. I’ve dropped low 2 times until I decided to put m pump at 50% of it’s usual basal rate. But then, I decided that I would work my elliptical machine while Aaden would nap (and is still napping. The only time I can blog without interruption!) so 20 minutes of intense “running”, I had to lower my basal rate at 25%. And still go low. I think I’m working too hard -or- need to lower it even more.

As for my blood sugar, it’s been dropping like a bullet. I am blaming this on weight loss and I’m not going to complain about it, HAH! I can fix a low very easily, however, it’s much harder to lose weight.

Speaking of blood sugar, I’m waiting for Canada postal service to deliver my new precious little baby; the iBGstar. Fellow blogger Diabuddies blogged about it and got me hooked. Next thing you know, I’m ordering the thing. Will be posting reviews about it soon so keep reading!

Until then, stay healthy!


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6 thoughts on “Oh hi Active life!

  1. Karen on said:

    looks very interesting, going to check it out. Looking forward to your reviews. I am also going to check at my local SDM just in case as well.

  2. I’ve moved quite a few times in the past few years (long story). Packing ALWAYS makes my sugar get low. I either don’t start the temp basal until it’s too late, or I keep working after the temp basal expires and it reverts back to the normal rate. There really should be some sort of alert….

  3. Yayy!! Keep it up! 🙂 I made some AMAZING low-carb, low-fat things tonight…posting them now.

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