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Journey into weight loss: Weight-in #1

And here we are. One week later. One week of Weight Watchers point system. I was surprised how easy it would be to follow, maybe because I’m so used to tracking my blood sugar, I didn’t find it a chore to keep tracking points.

I walked a lot, I was more active than usual, and I made most of my food from scratch. Time consuming, but nothing I can’t handle. Even with Aaden needing my attention every 5 minutes!

I felt more… Awake. I felt like I had more energy all week long. Maybe because I’m motivated, maybe because of this lifestyle change, but even my friend noticed when she saw me yesterday. And most of the time, I can keep up with my little boy and play ”soccer” with him. (Mostly he’s just throwing the ball because kicking isn’t his forte yet!).

I’ve dreaded the scale for the longest time. So needless to say that when I hopped on I was expecting no change. A 216lbs. I was kind of expecting no change because I’m used to it I think. But deep down, I knew my active week had played on my weight. So. Tiptoed on the scale and waited for the numbers to show. 211. Two hundred and eleven. I dropped 5 lbs! Hey! No too shabby! I was thinking I’d lost 2 lbs at most, but 5 I can deal with! Let’s say I lose the same amount every week, in one month I will have lost 20lbs! I think I’ll make that my goal then! Keep focus and lose the same amount weekly, until the crazy plateau comes knocking at my door.

I like!

On top of that, My blood sugars have been amazing all week! Okay, the occasional spike occurred, but most of the time I was in the normal range! Hey, there’s another good reason to keep it up, right?


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9 thoughts on “Journey into weight loss: Weight-in #1

  1. Good work! It’s always a pleasant reward that when one thing starts going your way, some of the others (energy, blood sugars) start to fall into place as well.

  2. cafesatsunset on said:

    Congratulations! That must feel pretty good. Keep up with the good work!

  3. Karen on said:

    Excellent, as a fellow ww member, that is amazing, and it’s amazing how those sugars seem to fall in line as we drop the weight. Its a win win situation, keep that motivation up and watch greatness happen.

    • Thank you so much Karen! I’m really happy about the results, especially with the blood sugars! I’ve been meaning to ask, do you have a blog?

      • Karen on said:

        nope, I am learning all this tech stuff, following you on facebook as well and here.
        I do look forward to reading yours though. Once my stove is working properly, I am definitely going to try those eggplant canneloni you posted.


      • Mmmm Those were delicious! And thank you very much for your support, Karen! It’s very appreciated!

  4. lovehatediabetes on said:

    Wow Valerie! That’s a terrific first week 🙂 They’ll keep coming!

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