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The effects of “healthy” fats in your bloodstream

(Edit from March 15th)

Someone sent me a comment about how ridiculous this video was. I trashed the comment because it was arrogant and lacked any kind of intelligent conversation or leads to humble replies. So instead, I leave it up to you to leave a (smart) comment as to what you think about that video. Is this a real doctor? Is he showing real facts? Let’s debate! (And by debating, I don’t mean demean everyone who thinks that guy might have a point there.)

(End of edit from March 15th)

I’ve stumbled upon this blog post by The Plant Eater. All I can say is WOW. I knew fats were nasty to you, but even extra Virgin olive oil has it’s nasty effects in your blood stream. An eye opener, for sure.


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3 thoughts on “The effects of “healthy” fats in your bloodstream

  1. If you want true debate, then you must be willing to accept that carbohydrate is what raises lipids levels, especially triglycerides. Dietary fat and oil has nothing to do with it.

    • Hmm interesting! See, there are things I tend to believe just because they claim themselves doctors. There are things he says though that are true of course. But the fact that he ate a whole sub during the process makes me wonder! staged? Maybe!

      • Sneezy Two on said:

        Unless you have some way to verify that online “experts” actually are who and what they say they are, then taking their word for gospel is risky at best. There is and has been much research done regarding the merits of using natural fats in one’s diet; the original studies by Ancel Keys and his cohorts have been discredited over and over.

        Another aspect to consider relative to the veracity of any given statements and/or studies, is who provided the funding and are there unstated goals like animal rights or other political agendas. Many times you will find wonderful sweeping studies are being underwritten by drug companies who stand to profit greatly from the public being persuaded of certain less-than-truthful claims. You really can’t take anything at face value, and especially if you are going to be blogging and reblogging about it, there is a considerable responsibility to determine the truth of the matter, not just opinions.

        As for Nick DelGado being a doctor? It appears that he may hold a PhD in something or other, but no medical degree. The bio I found states that he is a certified hypnotherapist and a weight lifter.

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