Living life as a Type 1 Diabetic.

Weight loss journey: part 1

Weight loss. How I envy people who find it easy. For years (And even before I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes) I’ve struggled with my weight, tried to lose it, cope with it, hate it and love it. At one point I did have extra baggage but I was still beautiful. I think the peak of my beauty was seen at my wedding, but what woman isn’t pretty on her big day? (Okay, there are some but you’re missing the point here!) I look at those pictures today and wish I could go back there and slap myself for thinking I was fat! That crazy woman who got married in 2008 definitely grew, matured through the years, but gained a whole lot of weight. 52 pounds to be exact. (Ouch!)

I like to follow bloggers that are active, that lose weight, that love life, that can achieve so much just with their will power and recently I’ve found two bloggers who love to run and blog about it. And even though I am not in shape to run a marathon, I am excited for them, strangers as they may be. I would love to run a marathon (and call me crazy for wanting to run it with my son in his stroller HAH!) and so it feels like I’m running with them. I’m talking about RunningWithInsulin and Insulin Runner (Yes, they are type 1 diabetics as well! Strong will let me tell ya!) But both of them, and especially the post on RunningWithInsulin are also beginning to inspire me. They are diabetics. They Run. They can do both and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They can do it. And I’m starting to think I can too.

For the past year I’ve given myself the ultimate reason not to lose the weight. I’ve got not time, too tired.” My husband works in a different province so I am alone with my 1 year old son 24/7, weeks at a time. And being a mom is insanely hard at the beginning when you’re alone. I would not sleep at night, I was tired all the time, I would go crazy if I couldn’t clean the house, do the dishes, the laundry, the groceries… Until I’ve learnt to put priorities in order. So what if the dishes aren’t done? It’s okay for two dust bunnies to hang out under the couch for a couple of days, right? And then something magical happened. Aaden (My son) decided it was time to sleep all night. From 7:30PM to 6:00 AM. I. Can. Sleep. And then the “Too tired” excuse slowly left.

There is no excuse now. I’m a stay at home mom. I’ve all the time in the world, right? Well, not all of it, but more than most moms!

My husband left again yesterday, so this morning, I got up (Well, Aaden woke me up), ate breakfast with my son, got dressed, dressed him up and went on on a walk. It’s beautiful today, too! I walked (Fast paced of course) 2.2KM (Which is 1.36miles). Not a lot, but it’s a beginning. And instead of grabbing a coffee at Tim Hortons, I grabbed myself a green tea! Small changes, beginning of something, for sure.

I think that by blogging about my weight loss I might actually do it this time. Let’s set myself a goal; Lose 62 pounds by March 12, 2013.  That means go from 212lbs (I know. Ouch.) to 150lbs in a year.

Aiming too high? Or reachable goal? 

This is me at my wedding, 160lbs.

And this is me at 212 lbs… Long way to go!

(No, I’m not the one with the white beard, I’m the Eggplant on the right!)


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3 thoughts on “Weight loss journey: part 1

  1. Aaron Chiang on said:

    You can do it sweetheart! You know I will always support you even if I’m not there physically! You are the most amazing wife and mother! I love you always <3! Ai Ni!

    -Your Husband-

  2. You should check out I do the workouts on it all the time! I think you would like it because most of the videos are between 5 and 10 minutes, so if Aaden gets into something you can just stop. Plus you can do them from home, and most of them with out sneakers. I am always really sore after I do a few in a row. Sometimes I’ll just do four or five videos from different body parts. For example, I will do two abs ones and then a thigh one and a back one. Check it out!

  3. Oh thanks for the link! I’ll definitely check it out!

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