Living life as a Type 1 Diabetic.

Busy busy Bolus busy


For the past few days I’ve been soooo busy… From picking my husband up at the airport to visiting family two hours away, it seems like I’ve just finally sat down and took a breath! All this moving around and sleeping elsewhere makes me forgetful sometimes. I forget my son’s milk, his utensils (He’s only 14 months old so he has his own plastic cutlery!) his blanket… But all these things I can buy at the local store.

What I can’t get in a jiffy is my insulin pump supplies. Thankfully I had some reservoirs in the bottom of my backpack from the last time we visited! I usually order my insulin supplies from medtronic’s online store so it usually takes about 3 days for me to get it.

I tend to forget things like toothpaste, my perfume, an extra pair of socks… But I make sure my diabetic supplies follow me around! 

What about you? Do you keep extra supplies at friend’s and family? Have you ever forgotten your supplies and couldn’t have any for a few days? Share! I’d love to hear from you!

“Forgot your supplies mommy? I’m NOT impressed!”



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3 thoughts on “Busy busy Bolus busy

  1. lovehatediabetes on said:

    First, very funny picture! He’s so cute!
    I like to keep extra needles at my sisters, my home, and my dorm at school (well now my bfs too). I have a few extra insulin pens in my hometown, 3 hours from my school. I usually don’t have to dig into my extra supplies, but I had to just a few weeks ago.
    I was at my boyfriend’s and we just sat down to eat breakfast. I took up my insulin pen to give myself a shot and I had to use a new pen because the other was empty. Before this, I had grabbed one at my school – 30 mins from his house – to make sure I had one when the current ran out. Turns out I put an empty pen into the fridge with the rest of my stash. I blame this on my mom because I know I would NEVER do that, but whatever. With that being said, my sister only lives 5 minutes from my boyfriends and thankfully she had an extra pen at her house.
    This has taught me that I should always count on having to dig into my stash at some point, even if I don’t think it will happen.

    • Haha, yeah me too! When I used pens, I would tend to forget to check how much insulin was left in them and I’d have to go on emergency runs to the pharmacy! Now I leave insulin vials everywhere.

      Funny how I posted that and just came back from my dad’s… When I got there I realized I forgot my tester back home, two hours away! Good thing I could get a free one on purchase of test strips though! Thanks Pharmacies!

      I’m super forgetful about everything aside from my son’s well being haha!

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