Living life as a Type 1 Diabetic.

Diabetic parent: dealing with hypos and kids.

Hypoglycemias before my son was rather simple: Feel odd, test, see 2.3 mmol (41.4mg), fix hypo, feel better.

Now, as the diabetic mother of a 13 months old baby, it’s not as simple anymore. When I feel odd, dizzy, shaky… I leave to my testing supplies, followed by a usually cranky baby (I have a theory that he can sense my hypos and cries every single time I’m low… But I’ll get to that in another post) who clings to my leg when I’m already in a confused and small panic state. Grab my things, struggle to get a test strip in the reader while Aaden tugs on my shirt, realize I’m at 2.3 mmol, look for a juice box, attempt at sticking the straw in the super tiny hole while Aaden calms down because he thinks the juice box is his, drink and feel weak so I sit down on a chair, waiting for my BS (Blood Sugar) to rise again. Aaden realizes the juice was for me, so he throws a tantrum and sits on the floor, cries his heart out and I can’t pick him up right away because of the dizziness.

When my blood sugar has risen enough for me to feel better, I need to grab myself a small snack so I head towards the kitchen with a screaming baby who is demanding a snack by that time. So he usually gets one every time I do!

I feel so helpless when this happens because I would want to make him realize that mommy is “sick” so she has to have a little 10 minutes for herself, but there is no way for me to make him understand, of course. If you’re not diabetic, you have to understand that one of the symptoms of hypoglycaemia is confusion and therefor frustration occurs and when a screaming baby sits in front of you yelling for your attention, it’s extremely frustrating! Ā To me it is anyways…

How do you deal with hypos with kids/babies? Any stories or pointers you can share? Leave me a comment!

Aaden’s a happy kid non the less! No, really!


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3 thoughts on “Diabetic parent: dealing with hypos and kids.

  1. lovehatediabetes on said:

    I don’t have any children, but I do babysit a lot for my cousin’s who have 5 kids. I’ve experienced one memorable low while I was with them. I completely agree with you, it’s very confusing and frustrating. I find myself ignoring them (they’re 3, 5, 7, 9, 11) even though I know I shouldn’t. I focus on digging in their fridge while they ask me 10000 questions. I’ve never had a low with small children like yours. I can imagine the frustration.

  2. lovehatediabetes on said:

    P.S. Aaden is SUPER cute! I’m glad you found my blog because that means I have found yours šŸ™‚

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