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Diabetic parent: dealing with hypos and kids.

Hypoglycemias before my son was rather simple: Feel odd, test, see 2.3 mmol (41.4mg), fix hypo, feel better.

Now, as the diabetic mother of a 13 months old baby, it’s not as simple anymore. When I feel odd, dizzy, shaky… I leave to my testing supplies, followed by a usually cranky baby (I have a theory that he can sense my hypos and cries every single time I’m low… But I’ll get to that in another post) who clings to my leg when I’m already in a confused and small panic state. Grab my things, struggle to get a test strip in the reader while Aaden tugs on my shirt, realize I’m at 2.3 mmol, look for a juice box, attempt at sticking the straw in the super tiny hole while Aaden calms down because he thinks the juice box is his, drink and feel weak so I sit down on a chair, waiting for my BS (Blood Sugar) to rise again. Aaden realizes the juice was for me, so he throws a tantrum and sits on the floor, cries his heart out and I can’t pick him up right away because of the dizziness.

When my blood sugar has risen enough for me to feel better, I need to grab myself a small snack so I head towards the kitchen with a screaming baby who is demanding a snack by that time. So he usually gets one every time I do!

I feel so helpless when this happens because I would want to make him realize that mommy is “sick” so she has to have a little 10 minutes for herself, but there is no way for me to make him understand, of course. If you’re not diabetic, you have to understand that one of the symptoms of hypoglycaemia is confusion and therefor frustration occurs and when a screaming baby sits in front of you yelling for your attention, it’s extremely frustrating!  To me it is anyways…

How do you deal with hypos with kids/babies? Any stories or pointers you can share? Leave me a comment!

Aaden’s a happy kid non the less! No, really!


5 things Diabetics say

One thing I’ve realized over the years is that between diabetics (And those close to them) We have developed a certain ”slang” that people non-diabetics might understand differently and there are words that confuse people. Here’s a small list for your entertainment!

  • “I think I’m high.” (No, not on drugs, but in blood glucose!)
  • “My BS is normal!” (BS: Blood sugar, not BullSh*t!)
  • “I’m low… Need a Glucose Tablet, stat!” (No, that’s not a new name for the latest iPad, it’s fast acting sugar!)
  • “I’m… Juice… Need…. hot… Sweat… Fast…” (At this point, my husband would run to the fridge to grab a juice box. Yup! That’s what a diabetic low on sugar (Having hypoglycemia) sounds like!)
  • “I’m out of strips!” (Test strips that is.)

What other things have you heard from diabetics that was first confusing? Or are you a diabetic and want to add things to this list?

Please do share!

Low Carb Pancakes? YesSir-ee!

I’m always trying to think of new things to cook for my son, especially for breakfast… Oatmeal is starting to be boring to him! (And me, too!) So I decided to go on a recipe hunt this morning while he watched his (high pitched voiced) cartoons. I found the perfect pancake recipe!! And with only 2.4g of Carbs for 2 slices, This is too good (No pun intended) to be true!!! So I thought I would share with you guys, Diabetics and non-diabetics! This also calls for great low carb diet plans! Of course I would recommend you use a low fat butter or replace with margarine, because as most delicious things, it’s fatty! Click Here!

Don’t forget to add fruits! Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

Diabetically Yours, Valerie Anne.

There are days where I am extremely anxious about everything. And then, there are days where I am extremely anxious about everything and have high blood sugar because of it. So in turn I feel dizzy, I need to count how much insulin I should give myself to correct my blood glucose, I need to tend to my son because a one year old doesn’t care if you’re high (in blood sugar!) or not… Well… Welcome to a diabetic’s life!

I thought I’d create a blog about life as a diabetic to be able to share with everyone what it’s like to be diabetic, share with other diabetics and hopefully raise awareness. I’m a type 1 diabetic, there was nothing I could do to prevent that… But I know several people who are type 2 and you can prevent it, beat it, and live with it peacefully.

The point of this blog is to do this and much more! Share life events as a diabetic, meet others just like me, make you laugh and cry as well by sharing my experiences before and after diabetes.

So let’s get this started! Grab a coffee (No sugars, sucralose added!), sit back, read and relax… Ask questions, comment below, e-mail me, participate!

Well, to begin, my name is Valerie Anne, mother of a beautiful son who is a year old, Aaden, wife to a wonderful man, Aaron, and I just turned 30 recently. Yikes! No, I’m not old, I know. But some days I wake up and think “didn’t I JUST graduate from high school? How was that 13 years ago again?”. It’s just a number, I know, yet numbers are a part of my daily life.

My life turned upside down quite a few times in my life (I’ll explain that in other posts! From the death of my sister to taking care of my dying mother) but one turn of events would change my life forever as I knew it and would affect every single aspect of it.

On March 3rd 2006 (March 3rd is a sad date, you’ll read later) I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  This is when your pancreas does not produce insulin anymore because of x and y reasons.  You have to manually inject insulin every time you eat and another shot of slow acting insulin to last throughout the day (Or, like me, have an insulin pump, small little thing that looks like a pager that gives you insulin every 3 minutes through an injection site.) And it just completely turned my life upside down.

I will be talking about my diagnosis day, and the signs that led me to the E.R.

But before I do, I’d love to hear about yours! Even though we all have the same disease, all of our diagnosis are different. Are you diabetic? Do you know someone who is? Let me know, share and ask questions!

Talk to you soon!

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